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Dawn Wilson MABCH/MCAHYP is a qualified hypnotherapist with a practice in London and Brighton.

Dawn specialises in helping people overcome anxiety issues, panic attacks, self esteem, anger management, fear of flying, phobias to name a few.

We also offer beauty treatments and have a highly skilled and talented team of therapists who can offer an array of services and bring them to you which makes the whole experience more of a luxury. There are many advantages to having your treatments at home.

She also runs a successful weight loss programme which runs for an hour each week. one day weight loss course as well as stop smoking clinic and one day self hypnosis course.

We can't always control what life throws at us but we can control how we deal with it. Using hypnotherapy helps you develop and change limiting beliefs. We can work together to reconnect you with your full potential.

You can now break through these beliefs that are holding you back from making the most of who you are and living the life that you want to have. You wont have to be a prisoner of your mind any longer. Just for a moment think how different your life would be without anxiety,stress,phobias that may be holding you back. With the help of hypnosis we can get to the root cause of what is creating your symptoms.

Weight Loss Programme

When it comes to weight there are often psychological issues that are underlying over eating and weight loss. Negative self esteem and confidence issues are often involved.

These are both dealt with in the weight loss programmes on offer. There is a three session one to one for people who have deeper issues or prefer working one to one. Or an eight week course for one hour a week.

Alternatively you can book on a one day course (six to eight people). The emphasis is not on diet although that is covered, or a quick fix. It is a consistent and steady approach to assist in addressing your relationship with food.

What to expect from the Weight Loss Course:

You will understand the difference between emotional hunger and physiological hunger.

You will enjoy foods you like. No calorie counting.

You will enjoy a new relationship with food.

You will feel in control of food instead of feeling food is controlling you.

Dawn is also a Nutritional Chef so healthy eating plan and recipes given

One Day Healthy Eating Cookery Course also available.

Self Hypnosis One Day Course

Would you like to learn a skill to help you achieve better results in your life?

I have put together a self hypnosis course to help people better understand how to use their subconscious mind to help change unconscious beliefs that have been getting in the way of achieving what they really want from life.

What self hypnosis and visualization can do for you.

When you learn self hypnosis you learn successful thought patterns that ultimately create the results you want in life.

One of the core elements of self hypnosis is visualisation, which can help you gain SELF CONTROL and SELF MASTERY. Giving you the ability to Achieve Goals, Self Confidence and Self Esteem.

Book onto a one day course with Dawn (Six to Eight People)

Stop Smoking Clinic

Hypnotherapy for stop smoking Brighton & London (Victoria)

What my programme can offer you:

  • Stop smoking with ease

  • Change your current belief

  • Understand and create the mind-set of a non-smoker

  • A fantastic success rate with many of my clients

  • A free follow up session if you need it

Most of my clients at some stage tried the willpower approach, nicotine patches, inhalers and lozenges and it hasn't been successful for them in stopping smoking.

There are good reasons for this, I will explain why this is not about getting nicotine into your system in the form of patched, gum and lozenges.

I will work with you by changing your beliefs about smoking which is fundamental to the process of becoming a non-smoker.

Our beliefs form a very strong part of what drives our behavior.

You will believe that you are a non smoker by the end of the session.

You may believe that stopping smoking is going to be difficult and that you can't do it on your own. I will work with you to change those beliefs.

The combination of changing your beliefs coupled with a recommended three sessions of hypnotherapy, re-enforcing all those changes at the deepest level, makes this a powerful and highly effective stop smoking programme.

If you would like to have a free telephone consultation with Dawn please call 07786 734 842 or email

Hypnotherapy Rates

Initial Consultation

It is really important that you feel totally comfortable and confident with the therapy and therapist that you choose to work with.

For this reason I offer a free initial consultation as it allows you to discuss your requirements, ask any questions about the therapy and understand how it works. This can be in person, or on the phone.


1st Session 1 1/2hrs (background history)
Subsequent sessions
Weight loss 1 to 1
Weight Loss Course (one day) 6 to 8 people
Self Hypnosis Course One Day
Smoking Clinic 3 sessions
Including free back up sessions

£80.00 per person

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by cash or cheque.


24 hours notice is required if you are unable to attend your appointment.

Cancellations after this will be subject to to full payment for that session.